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                                                  FOOD ENERGIES and PERSONALITY TRAITS.
1/ Human beings receive their Energy, Chi, Qi, Vitality, Vital Life Force (VLF) from food and the surrounding environment.
2/ there are 5- types of environment, weather system on the planet which has been divide into 3 categories:
3/ in my previous post I explained that
there are 12 personality traits divided in
3 groups.
4/ the food which grows from the Earth's
Energies is also divided in 3 groups
(please refer to my previous posts)
5/ it is absolutely vital for the practitioner to determine the personality trait of the patient and form a nutritional treatment plan.
6/ Unfortunately, in my experience a lot of practitioners OVER-LOAD the patient with too many herbs, vitamins, minerals, supplements and incorrect food advise, disturbing the patient's Energy balance further.
                    Trinity of Dao. Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome.
                             IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Constipation=Yang and
1/ everything in the universe including our health is dependant on the even, harmonious and unblocked   
      Energy/Qi/Chi/ Vitality/ Vital Life Flow (VLF) between Yin and Yang.
2/ every dis-ease and pathology known to man at the CELLULAR level is an imbalance of flow of
      Energy/ Metabolism between:
      Yang, Anabolism=acid and
      Yin, Catabolism= alkaline.

3/ the imbalance will eventually lead to
       and Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome.
4/ in case of Colon/ Large Intestine
       the Degradation Syndrome will lead to
      Constipation=Yang   or

5/ MEDICAL SOLUTION? balance the overall patient's Energy.
      A/ INVESTIGATE: the 9-inflammatory causing pathogens.
      B/ USE: the 12- Daoist diagnosis=Yin and
      C/ APPLY: the 5-Daoist pillars of treatment=Yang.
                                 Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome.
Any dis-ease/ pathology known to Humans is an
imbalance, blocked and degradation of
Energy, Qi, Chi, Vitality, Vital Life Force (VLF)
between Yin and Yang.
A/ INVESTIGATE: 9-inflammatory pathogens.
B/ USE: 12-Daoist diagnosis=Yin and
C/ APPLY: 5-pillars of Daosit treatment=Yang.
    The Dao of  scientific, medical, philosophical and spiritual view of 
              Human existence

1/ ever since man’s existence on the Planet Earth,

humans have been contemplation his/her role 

about life, death, heath and dis-ease and the

order in which the universe functions.
2/ over centuries and millennium of education,

observation and experimentation two views were

3/ the MATERIAL=YANG view particularly from the

Renaissance period has it’s deep root of the

Scientific ideas of: Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727) and
Philosophical ideas of: Rene Descartes (1596-1650)

4/ both men saw the universe as a great and perfect machine governed by precise mathematical, engineering and logical laws of TIME and SPACE..
5/ In MEDICINE also the BODY was a MACHINE, made up of component that could be taken apart and put together.
6/ DIS-EASE was seen as a breakdown of the machine and doctor’s task was primarily to remove the disease and if needed the infected part and sometimes with an artificial one.
7/ the HUMANISTIC=YIN view on the other hand saw the BODY/ PHYSICAL=YANG and MIND/           EMOTIONS=YIN functions and is activated by the source of: Energy/ Chi/ Qi/ Vitality/ Vital Life Force (VLF) / Divine Intelligence.
8/ in DAOISM there is a belief and understanding that both view are CORRECT and it is through the combination of Yin and Yang humans can function effectively

Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome,3 stages of Daoist medical diagnosis.
                                   STAGE 2; 12-Daoist diagnosis=Yin (discussed here)
                     Trinity of Dao on the physical,emotional and spiritual level

  1/ on the PERSONAL level Human beings exist on 3 levels simultaneously.

 2/ the 3 levels are:

        Body/ physical=Yang,

        Mind/emotions=Yin and 

        Spiritual/soul/true faith=Chi or Chi.

 3/ at the CELLULAR level we also function at 3 levels:

        Anabolism=Yang, acid,

        Catabolism=Yin, alkaline and

        Metabolism=Chi, Qi which is balance and action

                                between Anabolism and Catabolism.

 4/ when and where there is even flow, harmonious and

unblocked connection between Yin and Yang

then, the Energy/ Qi/ Chi / Vitality/ Vital Life Force (VLF) 

will ensures the health of the individual at the cellular

level. At this point of balance:

       The body is strong,

       The mind is clear and

       The spirit is high.

       The Dao of Environment, 5-Food types, & 12-personalities
1/ any dis-ease results from an imbalance
of Energy, Qi, Chi flow between Yin and
2/ in the ancient Daoist medicine, science,
philosophy and art, the understanding
and application of the relationship
between the 5-environments of the
Planet Earth, the 5-types of food and
the 12- personality and characteristics
of the patient is paramount and
fundamental in treating any pathological conditions. Whether, the dis-ease is:
Physical/ body=Yang,
Mental/ emotional=Yin and/or
Spiritual= Chi, Qi
                                    Trinity of Dao in health and dis-ease.

1/ everything in the universe including our health at

the CELLULAR level depends on smooth, even,     

un-blocked and harmonious flow of Energy/ Chi/ Qi/

Vitality/ Vital Life Force (VLF) between:

    Anabolism= Yang, acid, fire.

    Catabolism=Yin, alkaline, water.

    Metabolism= balance and even flow between

                           anabolism and catabolism.

2/ Yang, Yin and Chi balance is collectively known

as the ancient philosophy, science and medicine of

    TRINITY of DAO. 

3/ when the trinity is balanced the vitality flows

smoothly then, the:




4/ if and when there is an imbalance between Yin and Yang, the vitality is blocked and Yin, Yang are

     out of harmony. This leads to:

    DIS-EASE (lack of ease) at the cellular level which can affect the body, mind balance causing



         A/ INVESTIGATE: 9-inflammation causing pathogens.\

         B/ USE: the 12-Daoist diagnosis=Yin to determine the nature of the patient.

         C/ APPLY: 5-pillars of Daoist treatment=Yang.




Trinity of Dao. Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome, Yin
                 and Yang viruses, pathogens and inflammation.
1/ in the normal healthy cells there is a balance between:
    Anabolism=Yang, acid, fire
    Catabolism=Yin, alkaline, water and
    Metabolism=interaction between Yin and 
2/ in Daoist medicine there are 9-types of
INFLAMMATION and dis-ease causing   
pathogens (also known as the 9-evils).
 3/ there are 2 types inflammation:
Yang inflammation caused by excess cellular acidity.
 Yin inflammation caused by excess cellular alkaline.

4/ certain pathogens specially viruses live on acid and I have called them ACIDOPHILE
     (acid loving) and they feed on CELLULAR ACID TOXICITY.
5/ other viruses and pathogens are ALKALANOPHILE (alkaline-loving) feeding on
 6/ whether, acid or alkaline is in excess at the cellular level the physician must investigate 
           and balance the Energy flow between the Yin and Yang.
                    Dao. Dr.Yaghmai's Synaptic Degradation Syndrome: Brain,
                                                                    Anxiety and Depression.
1/ our heath and well being depends on the even flow of Energy/Vitality between Yin and Yang. Known as the Trinity of Dao. The even of Energy at the PERSONAL level is between: Body/physical=Yang. Mind/emotion=Yin and Spirit/Soul=Chi
2/ at the CELLULAR level the flow is between:
Anabolism=Yang, fire. Catabolism=Yin, water and
Metabolism= Chi, interaction between fire and water.

3/ the brain which is composed of trillions of neurons
functions with the flow of Energy between Yin and Yang
at the Synaptic level.
4/ in DEPRESSION there is excess of YIN and in
ANXIETY there is an excess of YANG and the Energy flow
is offset caused by Synaptic Degradation Syndrome.
A/ INVESTIGATE:  the 9-inflammatory causing pathogens.
B/ USE:  the 12-Daosit diagnosis=Yin to discover the
                     patient's nature.
C/ APPLY: the 5-Daoist treatments=Yang to
                 balance the Trinity.
 Trinity of Dao, Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome, Brain, 
                                       Computers and Viruses.
1/ computer function is based on the Energy flow between Yin and yang.
     The Yin is off and the Yang is on.

2/ this combination of Yin and yang creates function of the computer.
3/ when the computer is functioning harmoniously, it converts letters and numbers to 8
     digits and enables to create advanced DIGITAL NETWORK. But, it is only a machine has
     does not have soul/spirit/faith.
4/ on the other hand, Human brain is:
      Part computer=Yang, mechanical, robotic
      Part emotional and philosophical=Yin and
      Part spiritual/ soul/ faith= Chi/ Qi
5/ Combination of all 3 parts makes Human brain
        the  most advanced and sophisticated organ
        in the universe.
6/ viruses can attack computers and brain
     (different types of viruses) and in case of
     Human  brain or body cells and tissues it results in
    Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome
    and for computers it causes digital breakdown.
      Trinity of Dao, Dr.Yaghmai's Cellular/ Synaptic Degradation
                               Syndrome,  Energy flow, Brain, 
         Anxiety=Yin and Depression=Yang. Healthy Brain Cells. Part 1.
1/ everything in the universe depends on
even, unblocked and harmonious flow of
Energy/Chi/ Qi/ Vitality between Yin and Yang.
2/ this also applies to the Human brain which
is composed of Cells and synapses on the:
      Right side=Yang and the
      Left side=Yin and
     Corpus callosum= middle section,
                                       composed of a broad band
                                        of nerve fibres joining the 
                                        two hemispheres of the brain.
3/ in healthy brain cells there is even flow of Electro-Chemical energy at the synaptic
      junctions and the cells between:
      Anabolism=Yang, acid, fire
      Catabolism=Yin, alkaline, water and
      Metabolism=interaction between Yin and Yang.
Trinity of Dao. Dr.Yaghmai's Cellular/Synaptic Degradation Syndrome
           Energy flow. Brain. Anxiety=Yang and Depression=Yin-Part 2
1/ in DEPRESSION=excess Yin and water there is a
lack of fire, the patient feels lethargic, tired,
exhausted, lack of motivation, oomph, feels cold,
procrastination, requires a lot of sleep and not
refreshed when waking and generally life less.
2/ in ANXIETY=excess Yang and fire,
the patient feels and wants to achieve too much,
lots of thoughts, ideas, restless, cannot sleep sleep,
the brain is monkey mind jumping from branch
3/ anxiety and depression is due to
Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular and Synaptic degradation Syndrome.
A/ investigate the 9-inflammatory causing pathogens.
B/ use the 12-Daosit diagnosis to discover the patient's nature.
C/ use the 5-holistic Daoist pillars of medicine to treat=Yang.
              Dao. Dr. Yaghmai’s Cellular Degradation Syndrome in Yin & 
                                                Yang arthritis.

There are two types of arthritis:


most common type, generally caused by wear and tear

particularly on weight bearing joints e.g. hands, knees,

hip and the spine (in this example I have used

the hand).  Not a systemic condition and is not chronic.

The joint are affected by cold, damp, wind and

barometric pressure. It occurs when the protective

cartilage that cushions the ends of the bones are

wears down overtime.


is a severe, chronic condition affecting more than

joints and can damage several body system and

internal organs, including swollen, red, hot and painful joints, skin, eyes, lungs, heart, blood vessels, kidneys, salivary glands, nerve tissue, bone marrow, fatigue, fever and loss of appetite.

It is assumed to be an auto-immune dis-ease when the body attacks itself after INFLAMMATION.

In Dr. Yaghmai’s Cellular Degradation Syndrome it is caused by EXCESSIVE YANG, FIRE and HEAT imbalances the flow of ENERGY between ANABOLISM, CATABOLISM and METABOLISM.


A/ INVESTIGATE: the 9-causes of inflammation and the pathogens. Balance the body’s Energy/ Qi/           Chi/ Vitality (VLF).      

B/ USE:  the 12-Daoist Diagnosis=Yin and                                                                                 

C/ APPLY: the 5-Daosit pillars of treatments=Yang.

    Dao. Dr.Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome in Osteoporosis.
1/ cellular health and consequently human health depends on even, harmonious and   
     uninterrupted flow of Energy between Yin and Yang.
2/ in Osteoporosis the balance of:
     Osteoblasts=Yang, cells that form new bone and
     Osteoclasts=Yin, cells that break down bone tissue.

3/ the action of Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts maintain
the shape, structure and the bone integrity.
4/ in Osteoporosis the balance between Energy,
Yin and Yang is degraded and this lead to
 Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome and
eventually to  Brittle Bone Syndrome.
    A/ INVESTIGATE:  the 9-pathogen causing agents.
    B/ USE:  12-Daoist diagnosis=Yin to discover the patient's nature.
    C/ APPLY: the 5-Daoist Pillars=Yang for treatment to balance the Energy flow.
      TRINITY of DAO, Visible Light Spectrum,Gamma rays, X-rays,
                       Radio waves and Human Energetic Systems.
1/ everything in the universe depends on the En ergy/ Chi/ Qi flow between Yin and Yang.
2/ this rule apply from high Energy= YANG, Gamma rays,
X-rays, to low Energy=YIN of radio, TV rays.
3/ the Visible Light Spectrum is situated some where
in between the two energetic waves at one end,
being the infra red and the other is ultra violet.
4/ the same concept applies to the body at the
cellular systems. The energies from
sun light , food, water, emotions and actions
within our life creates similar effect of change
and conversion into 7-CHAKRAS (Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning a wheel) which mimics the visible spectrum of light and therefore, we are all Energy/ Qi/Chi at the fundamental and foundational level.
Dr.Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome, 3 stages of Daoist medical diagnosis
                                                     Stage 2: 12 Daoist Diagnosis=Yin
      TRINITY of DAO. Electricity. Magnetism, Healthy Human cells and                             Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome.
1/ Human beings at the CELLULAR level behave and function similar to a Electromagnetic coil or battery.
2/ as electric current and the magnetic lines
in a magnet flows through a battery/ magnet from
pole and vice versa, this movement generates
Energy/ Chi/QI/ Vitality/ Vital Life Force (VLF).
3/ in a healthy human cell this Electromagnetic
Energy is achieved by the balanced, harmonious
and unblocked flow of Yin and Yang.
4/ in a dis-eased cell this harmony
becomes dis-harmony creating inflammation, toxicity and pain.
                Dao. Day time=Yang. Night time=Yin Energy. INSOMNIA.
             Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular/ Synaptic Degradation  Syndrome.
 1/ everything in the universe including our:
 Body/ physical=Yang,
 Mind/emotions=Yin and
Spirit/ soul =Qi/ Chi depends on smooth,
even and unblocked flow of Energy between Yin 
 and Yang. this is known as the TRINITY of DAO.
2/ Human beings are protected by two types of
 A/ Day time Energy=Yang and
 B/ Night time Energy=Yin.

3/ when one has STRONG and healthy Day and Night
time Energies then, one can deal with   
 thoughts, emotions and problems effectively and efficiently.
4/ when one has WEAK and imbalanced Energies one cannot deal with the emotional,   
 thoughts and everyday issues and problem and this will affect the individual particularly at
 night time leading to Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular/ Synaptic Degradation Syndrome and
         A/ INVESTIGATE:   the 9-pathogens.
         B/ USE:  12-Daoist diagnosis= Yin and
         C/ APPLY: 5-pillars of Daoism for treatment=Yang. 
1/  there are two types of fat toxicity:
       Excess Yin/ alkaline fat toxicity and
       Excess Yang/ acid fat toxicity.

2/ there are also two types of pathogens/ viruses,
bacteria. fungi and parasites:
 Acid loving pathogens= Acidophile and
 Alkaline loving pathogens= Alkalanophile.

3/ in a HEALTHY INDIVIDUAL there is balance of
  Metabolism= Energy/Chi/Qi production between:
  Anabolism=Yang, acid and
   Catabolism=Yin, alkaline.

4/ in alkaline or acid fat toxicity this balance is affected resulting in poor production of 
      Energy and imbalance in CELLULAR METABOLISM and eventual
      to Dr. Yaghmai's Cellular Degradation Syndrome and dis-ease.
      A/ INVESTIGATE: the 9-types of pathogens.
      B/ USE: 12-Daoist diagnosis=Yin and
      C/ TREAT: 5-holistic pillars of Dao=Yang.
               TRINITY of DAO. HUMAN BODY, YIN and YANG FAT
There are two types of fat deposits in Human Beings:
      External fat=Yang and
      Internal fat=Yin.
There are also 4 types of individuals with
regards to fat deposit:
1/ F.O.F.I=Fat Outside. Fat Inside
                       these individuals are extremely
                        toxic and unhealthy.
2/ F.O.T.I= Fat Outside. Thin Inside
                         although the individual might look
                         unhealthy but the fat is deposited
                         mainly outside and the internal
                         organs have been spared.
3/ T.O.F.I=Thin Outside. Fat Inside
                         although the individual looks and appears thin externally but, there are fat 
                         deposits around the internal organs and their appearance can be deceptive.
4/ T.O.T.I= Thin Outside. Thin Inside. the healthiest of the 4 types.
   Trinity of Dao. Human brain. Humanity. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
1/ as human beings we exist on 3-planes
     Plane 1: Body, physical, logical, mathematical
                     and scientific=YANG.
    Plane 2: Emotional, mental, artistic and
                     philosophical=YIN &
    Plane 3: Spiritual, soul, true faith= CHI, QI.

2/ combination, flow, harmonious and
        unblocked flow of Yin, Yang and Chi creates
       Energy, Vitality and Vital Life Energy in Humans and is  collectively known as the ancient science,
       medicine, philosophy and art of the  TRINITY of DAO.
3/ AI has only one component of the Trinity which is the YANG, logical, mathematical
     and the scientific part and lacks the other 2 components and eventually can lead to   
     breakdown and problems.
1/in the ancient medicine, science, philosophy and art of TRINITY of DAOISM, before treating the patient the following routes must be
the 9- INFLAMMATORY (Yin and Yang)
and TOXICITY (Yin and Yang)
causing pathogens.
the 12- personalities of the patient
( mentioned here).
C/ APPLY: the 12- Daoist diagnosis methods=Yin and
D/ USE: the 5-Pillars of Daoist treatment=Yang.
2/ once A/ B/ C/ and D/ have been followed by a qualified Daoist doctor then, the Energy, Vitality and the Vital Life Force (VLF) will flow smoothly, freely, harmoniously and evenly. Then:
The body/ Yang is strong.
The mind/emotions=Yin are balanced and
The spirit=Chi, QI is high.
                                                             Trinity of DAO. The seasons.
1/ in the ancient Trinity of Daoist medicine, science, philosophy and art, Human beings are affected by the movement and changes in the Energy, Qi, Chi between Yin and Yang
2/ the Energy changes which happens within the 4 seasons
affects the CELLULAR level between:
Anabolism= Yang, acid, fire
Catabolism=Yin, alkaline, water and
Metabolism= Yin, Yang interaction.
3/ each season affects and has an influence
on the 12 body systems, particular organs
within the body, the meridian systems and
the 5-elements.
for example, autumn affects the Lungs and
winter affects the Kidneys.
4/ it is very important to treat the body not only at the particular and current season but also, to prepare the patient for the following season.
 Trinity of Dao. Day and Night/ Time/ Circadian Cycle/ rhythms
1/ remember that everything in the
universe depends on free, even,
harmoniously and unblocked flow
of Energy, Qi, Chi between Yin and Yang
known collectively as the ancient
medicine, science, philosophy and
art of the TRINITY of DAOISM.
2/ the same principle applies to the
passage of time, day, night also known
as the circadian cycle or rhythm.
3/ time is a constant and contineous flow of Energy, Chi, Qi between Yin and Yang.
4/ Circadian rhythms is a prime, natural, internal and driving force and flow of Yin and Yang controlling our sleep-wake chrono-biological cycles.
5/ if this flow is blocked/ out of balance it can have profound effects on our:
Mental and emotional=Yin and
Spiritual=Chi, Qi
                        TRINITY of DAO. The WEATHER and the
                                      JETS STREAMS.
1/ life on Earth depends of flow of
Energy, Chi, Qi between Yin and Yang
and the movement of air around the
2/ the life giving force of air is
created by the movement of
Warm Air Mass= Yang against the
Cold Air Mass=Yin.
3/ combination of Yin and Yang leads
to the Jets Streams which are relatively narrow bands of strong wind in the upper levels of the atmosphere. The winds blow from west to east in jet streams but the flow often shifts to the north and south. Jet streams follow the boundaries between
Hot=Yang and
Cold air=Yin
4/Without jets streams, the whole pattern of global temperatures would be different, with the air cooling much more gradually across the latitudes. One of the clearest features of Earth's climate, the striking temperature difference between:
Equator= Yang and
Poles=Yin would be gone.
     Trinity of Dao, Day, Night, circadian cycle, Meridians,
     Yin, Yang and Chi, 5-elements, Cellular health.
1/ our health and well being at the cellular level depends on free, unblocked and harmonious flow of Energy, Chi, Qi
between Yin and Yang constantly.
2/ at the CELLULAR level this happens
Catabolism=Yin and
Metabolism=Chi, Qi
3/ the Energy moves every two hours
within the 12-acupuncture meridians.
12 meridians multiply by 2 hours=24 hours.
4/ the 12- meridians are placed in
5-elements and each of the 5-elements
has a Yin and Yang organs (except Fire element which has 2 extra elements)
5/ it is of paramount importance to truly understand=Yin and
treat= Yang the Daoist time clock for the patients.