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The Dao of Scientific, medical. philosophical and spiritual view of
                                      Human existence.
 1/ ever since man’s existence on the Planet Earth,
human’s have been contemplation his/her role
about life, death, heath and dis-ease and the
 order in which the universe functions.  

2/ over centuries and millennium of education,

observation and experimentation two vies were


3/ the MATERIAL=YANG view particularly from

the Renaissance period has it’s deep root of the

scientific ideas of:

    Sir Isaac Newton (1642-1727)  and

    Philosophical ideas of:

    Rene Descartes (1596-1650)

4/ both men saw the universe as a great and perfect machine governed by

     precise mathematical, engineering and logical  laws of TIME and SPACE.. 

5/ In MEDICINE also the BODY was a MACHINE, made up of component

    that could be taken apart and put together again.

6/ DIS-EASE was seen as a breakdown of the machine and doctor’s task was

    primarily to remove the disease and if needed the infected part and

    sometimes with an artificial one.

7/ the HUMANISTIC=YIN view on the other hand saw the BODY/ PHYSICAL=YANG

    and MIND/ EMOTIONS=YIN functions and is activated by the source of:

    Energy/ Chi/ Qi/ Vitality/ Vital Life Force (VLF) / Divine Intelligence.

8/ in DAOISM there is a belief and understanding that both view are CORRECT and it is

    through the combination of Yin and Yang humans can function effectively.

The Dao of Renaissance 

1/ one of the most interesting experiments in quantum physics and mechanics is the single and double slit experiment to discover the nature of light, electrons and atoms.
2/ in the single slit experiment photons of light

from a light bulb was passed through a single slit

and on the screen opposite dots/particles

appeared indicating that light photons. later it was

also shown that the electrons also appeared and

behaved as PARTICLE=YANG.
3/ but, when the experiment was repeated

with the double slit, the scientific expectation was

that the photons and the electrons will be stopped by the second slit (as i have indicated with the orange X).
4/ to the amazement and confusion of the scientific community the photons and electrons which behaved as a particles appeared to become a WAVE=YIN.
5/ the combination of Yin and Yang at the quantum level creates Energy/Chi/Qi/Life Force.
6/ Yin, Yang and Chi is collectively known as the TRINITY of DAO.
7/ in the ancient science, medicine and philosophy of Daoism, the behaviour of matter, light photons, electrons and atoms as a combination and simultaneous existence of Yin and Yang and Chi is understood and accepted.
8/ DAO is the universal law and language from the moment of the Big Bang/ birth/Yang to the moment of Big Collapse/death/Yin.

                                    Trinity of DAO. Day and Night     
1/ the movement (spinning) of the planet
Earth around the vertical axis manifests
as day and night.
2/ during the Day time= YANG,
the part of the planet earth (marked as
red coloured (X) faces the Sun.
3/ as the Earth spins the part of the planet
Earth faces away from the Sun=Night=YIN.
4/ the Energy, Qi, Chi interaction
between Yin and Yang creates TIME.
Everything in the universe is manifested
as the Energy. Qi, Chi movement between Yin and Yang.
                TRINITY of DAO. The FOUR SEASONS   
1/ Earth's axis has is tilted about 23 degrees from the vertical.
2/ the tilt happens forwards= YANG
and backwards= YIN and
this forwards and backwards
movement manifests itself as the
four seasons.
Northern hemisphere is tilted forwards
towards the Sun=YANG
Southern hemisphere is tilted backwards
away from the Sun=Yin
Norther hemisphere is tilted backwards away from the Sun=YIN.
Southern hemisphere is tilted towards towards the Sun=YANG
5/ the tilting of forwards/ towards=Yang and backwards/away=Yin of planet Earth in relation to the Sun manifests itself as the Energy, Qi, Chi of the 4-seasons.
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