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I saw Dr.Yaghmai in 2008 suffering from a serious stomach and digestive problem. I could not digest any food and was losing weight very quickly.  After 8 treatments I could digest my food and felt a lot stronger.

I see Dr.Yaghmai on a regular basis  and he balances my systems. Dr.Yaghmai calls it MOT for the body.  

I highly recommend him for any serious problems. 



Meet Dr. Yaghmai 

Dr Yaghmai's initial studies were at London University where he gained a Bachelors Degree (BSc Hons) in Biology and Biochemistry, specialising in molecular biology. He then went on to study for a Doctorate which explored the relationship between cancer and the structure of red blood cells.

During his studies he suffered a serious knee injury during a martial arts competition and was recommended acupuncture. naturopathic and osteopathic medicine as a means of restoring the knee to full health. He was so impressed by the potency of these therapies that he embarked on 14 years of studying alternative medicine, culminating in a private practice in London.

Dr Massih Yaghma | DaoTherapy

My philosophy is to treat the patient as a whole person, not a series of problems.

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As a Daoist doctor, my approach to medicine is completely different to the normal approach to health, wealth and wellbeing, so your consultation will include a holistic approach to your particular health issues. The service I provide includes all of the following elements in a combination treatment plan that is personalised to your needs.


Daoist Osteopathy

Traditional osteopathy focuses on the spine and joints. Daoist osteopathy has a more holistic approach and deals with other contributing ailments including headaches, anxiety and fatigue.


Acupuncture is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine  (TCM) in which thin needles are inserted into the body at key points. It is most often used to bring pain relief, though in this practice it is also be used for a wide range of other conditions.


Daoist Naturopathy

The term naturopathy originates from 'natura' (birth) and 'pathos' (suffering) to suggest natural healing". In the context of Daotherapy, this mean harnessing and maximising the body's natural healing mechanisms.


Daoist Nutrition

In Dao terms, every person has a different nature; cold, damp, hot warm, neutral. I work with each patient to personalise their food plan and supplements to maximise their health outcomes. Let food be your medicine.


Daoist Exercise

Based on the patient's individual needs, an exercise programme is often essential to maximise the benefits of the treatments plan. This can include physiotherapy and or cardio-vascular exercises to optimise results.


Daoist Lifestyle

When your body is in balance, your life will follow. As a Daoist practitioner I endeavour to harmonise the flow between yin and yang to achieve chi. To this end lifestyle advice is part of the diagnosis and treatment plan.

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